07 Aug 2014

Archiving a (Rails) site as static files on Nginx

I had an old Rails 2 app (a blog) that still got visits, but no updates. It’s effectively been read-only for years.

Since I’m consolidating servers, I wanted to get rid of the machine it was hosted on, and moving the Rails app elsewhere wouldn’t be trivial.

So I replaced it with a static copy of the site. Just flat files.

(I also made a database dump just in case I want to make it dynamic again in the future.)

This is how I did it.

25 Aug 2013

Hello World

Hello World

Here is my page.

Class CustomerInfo
    Protected PreviousCustomer As CustomerInfo
    Protected NextCustomer As CustomerInfo
    Public ID As Integer
    Public FullName As String

    Public Sub InsertCustomer(ByVal FullName As String)
        ' Insert code to add a CustomerInfo item to the list.
    End Sub

    Public Sub DeleteCustomer()
        ' Insert code to remove a CustomerInfo item from the list.
    End Sub

    Public Function GetNextCustomer() As CustomerInfo
        ' Insert code to get the next CustomerInfo item from the list.
        Return NextCustomer
    End Function

    Public Function GetPrevCustomer() As CustomerInfo
        'Insert code to get the previous CustomerInfo item from the list.
        Return PreviousCustomer
    End Function
End Class
26 May 2013




n. curriculum vitae :简历(书), 个人履历


n. 摘要;履历,简历(该释义发音[rezju:‘mei]) vt. 重新开始,继续;恢复,重新占用 vi. 重新开始,继续

21 Mar 2013

Hello, Dropbox

I’m very excited to let you know that I’m joining Dropbox.

After two years at Facebook I couldn’t be more proud. Proud to have been part of something as important as Facebook and proud of the work I’ve done with shaping the future of mobile communication. It’s truly been a fantastic time of my life - an experience rich of great people, mind-boggling challenges and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Look at the past for inspiration, but focus on the future, because tomorrow is shaped by the choices we make today.

At Dropbox I’m going to work hard to make all our lives better. Remove friction from technical details in our modern daily lives, and relieve us from worrying about our “stuff” - from quick snapshots and hasty notes to precious memories.

This is going to be such a fun adventure.